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As a fintech company, we make no apologies for maximising our use of technology to enhance and better manage our customer relationships. This does not mean you are restricted to case numbers, automatic answering machines and chat bots. Our administration team are always ready to help you. Not as just another caller but as a business professional and a client of EquipmentConnect. Be it on the phone, by email or in person, EquipmentConnect will always remain clear with you.

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We are proud to be a London based company and are available here.

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How long will it take for me to secure finance on your platform?
Typically less than three business hours are required to source a financing offer from our funders. On rare occasions this may not happen and our team will work hard to ensure you are presented with an alternative solution.

Why should I use asset finance over a normal loan?
Two reasons: Firstly, asset finance typically affords the borrower better terms than an unsecured loan because the funding is lower risk. Secondly, asset finance, particulary leasing, helps to keep your credit lines 'clear'. Your primary bank will often not consider the lease as 'overhanging' debt.

How do I receive the funds?
For your convenience and security and to ensure speedy delivery of your new equipment, the funds are sent directly to the account of the equipment supplier. You will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Equipment Supplier:
What are the advantages for an Equipment Supplier in using the EquipmentConnect platform?
Equipment Suppliers benefit from faster, more diverse sources of asset finance for the customers. This helps ensure an easier sale and that the customer will be able to acquire the best equipment possible.

Are we party on the agreement?
We consider equipment suppliers partners and we work closely with them having developed our platform with their feedback in mind. Nonetheless we are not offering vendor finance and the obligor is always the business taking on the asset finance. While equipment suppliers must accept our terms and conditions they are not part of the financing agreement.

Is there any cost to using the EquipmentConnect platform?
No there is no cost for the equipment supplier. By using the technology there are in fact, efficiency and time savings to be achieved. Furthermore we plan to offer our partner equipment suppliers data and analysis.

Must we commit to exclusively using the EquipmentConnect platform?
No. While we expect the equipment suppliers to become increasingly comfortable with our range of funders and powerful technology we understand that equipment suppliers may wish to have alternative partnerships in place.

Is EquipmentConnect approved by the FCA?
No. EquipmentConnect is a technology platform that empowers businesses to source funding on heavy equipment and machinery. We do of course adhere to UK law and offer the highest level of transparency to our users. All our documents are presented in plain English.

How is our data protected on the EquipmentConnect Platform?
EquipmentConnect have invested considerable time and money ensuring the best possible protection for your data is in place. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ZA 284955), have a data policy in place and ensure strict segregation of personal data.

Can I source operating leases or short-term rentals on the platform?
No. Funders on our platform exclusively offer Finance Leases (minimium two years), Hire Purchase Agreements and loans secured on the equipment and machinery.

  • We appreciate your custom and its important that you are satisfied with
    the service you receive from our platform. All complaints are handled with care and will
    be reviewed by the CEO.
  • Should you have any cause for complaint, please contact us in the first instance by email (, phone (020 3950 1545) or in writing to EquipmentConnect, Rise, 41 Luke St, Hackney, London EC2A 4DP, UK. You will receive a full response within 5 working days.
  • Should you remain dissatisfied we have an arbitration procedure in place that we can suggest.
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