Time is precious

The team has spent time with customers and vendors across the heavy equipment arena to understand what information is critical and how this needs to be presented. Our platform ensures that all the core work flows are easy to execute:

  • Creating equipment – our inventory categorisation system means that vendors can create customised equipment and packages in less than 2 minutes.
  • Starting a Finance Request – our intuitive forms allow a business to create a Finance Request in under 90 seconds
  • Inviting your customers – our workflows allows finance requests to be easily initiated for equipment customers, even when they’re not yet registered for our service. When they are good to go, they simply pick up the Finance Request up from where you left it.
  • Returning to the platform – with each visit, each process takes less time as our platform learns about your business and equipment

Doing the work for you

The EquipmentConnect platform has been engineered from the ground up to ensure it is user friendly for both equipment vendors and their SME customers.
  • Companies House – Integrated to ensure seamless flow of company and director details.

  • Validis – Utilising MI reporting and standardisation to enhance credit modelling.

  • SmartSearch – Working with the leading provider of business credit and KYC services.

  • HelloSign – Ensuring a fluid user journey and robust, legally binding execution.

Exploring emerging technologies

We are always exploring how the latest technologies can support asset finance customers and reduce risk for funders:

  • Distributed Ledger Tech –  We completed a feasibility study, sponsored by Innovate UK, to gauge improvements and better understand the challenges of implementing DLT in asset finance. By having all infrastructure partners (credit agencies, trustees, lawyers, maintenance providers, payment agents) access and edit the same immutable ledger we can reduce reconciliation and management costs, increase robustness and fight fraud.
  • IoT – We are working with specialist hardware engineers to roll-out enhanced telematics that are sufficiently flexible to be used by a range of equipment and machinery operating in different environments with different power requirements. The extraction of data will support funders and vendors so they can make more informed decisions regarding equipment.

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