Choosing the right JS library/framework

Being a fintech company, we of course spend no small amount of time evaluating our technology choices.

While we are deep in our blockchain development and making progress with our telematics today, I want to focus on the frontend technology that we are using to build our web client.

One of the advantages of building a platform from scratch is that you are able to choose the right fit for your need and you are not bound by previous implementations.
On the other hand, there are so many possible combinations of technology that it possible to oversee something.

At EquipmentConnect we are committed to building a blazing fast frontend that conveys confidence and ensures ease of interaction.

Facebook’s  React has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years and this was, of course, one of the choices we looked at.  With its Virtual DOM and reactive compostable view components, React is fast and powerful, definitely an interesting candidate that would fulfil our needs. There is however one major drawback: the mastering curve for React is unnecessarily complex and bloated.

As another has put it eloquently in this post:

Ultimately, the problem is that by choosing React (and inherently JSX), you’ve unwittingly opted into a confusing nest of build tools, boilerplate, linters, & time-sinks to deal with before you ever get to create anything.

On top of that you have to account for the time needed to master Redux or Flux. All this modularisation of development comes with a cost – less time to build substance empowering the ultimate user.

So, which other framework can provide the same benefits as React but keeping a much flatter learning curve? The answer is Vue.js.

Vue.js has been learning from the mistakes of its predecessors, namely React and Angular. It’s lightweight, easy to learn and very powerful.

In a nutshell:

  • The Vue.js library is simple and versatile. You don’t need much experience to grasp it.
  • Vue.js can be used on almost any project since it doesn’t depend on other technologies.
  • The framework is very lightweight, which benefits many things like page load time, conversion, UX, SEO, etc.
  • Vue.js has a short learning curve and that makes it very easy and pleasant to work with as framework. Any developer with frontend experience can start working with Vue.js very quickly.

It is hardly surprising that the popularity of Vue.js has surged in recent months.

On the negative side, being so “young”, Vue.js doesn’t yet offer the same level of perks that you can find with React. Nonetheless we believe that this is just a matter of time and specific to very narrow use cases. Also, as stated above, sometimes too many perks can become a drawback for bootstrapping.

For these reasons Vue.js is our framework of choice and we are confident that will lead us into building a great platform for our customers.

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