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What really matters when financing equipment

For small business who finance equipment and machinery it’s essential to have a smooth and efficient process. Beside a commercial mortgage or finance for a buy-out, asset finance will usually entail economics of real substance. Getting it wrong could cause problems beyond just the immediate cost implications with legal headaches and customer liability. So its … Continue reading "What really matters when financing equipment"

Banking: Forget the greed. Waste is the problem.

Lunch special: Politics of envy generously seasoned with populist condiment. Dish heated to boiling point. Fake news and emotional diatribe infused. All honest flavours lost. Any takers for idealist mush on toast? Unfortunately, yes. Far too many right now. As we approach a general election in the UK, the banker bashing anthem once again ring aloud … Continue reading "Banking: Forget the greed. Waste is the problem."

Peer to Peer Lending. Speed Bumps Ahead..

Contrary to what the newspapers will have you believe, peer-to-peer lending is no recent phenomenon. As far back as the early 19th century, an agricultural economist in Japan Ninomiya Sontoku, started lending programs, known as gojoukou, within rural villages. Loans were extended within the community for just 100 days. Interest free and bound by honour the burden … Continue reading "Peer to Peer Lending. Speed Bumps Ahead.."

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