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LIMES – German equipment lease securitisation warmly received by investors

The strong, mid-summer sun is shining bright for European equipment leasing with Socgen arranging the securitisation of a €750M equipment lease portfolio originated by Deutsche Leasing. The success of this public ABS is crucial for the equipment leasing sector where lessors have been growing their book at an average 6% p.a. in recent years with … Continue reading "LIMES – German equipment lease securitisation warmly received by investors"

Banking: Forget the greed. Waste is the problem.

Lunch special: Politics of envy generously seasoned with populist condiment. Dish heated to boiling point. Fake news and emotional diatribe infused. All honest flavours lost. Any takers for idealist mush on toast? Unfortunately, yes. Far too many right now. As we approach a general election in the UK, the banker bashing anthem once again ring aloud … Continue reading "Banking: Forget the greed. Waste is the problem."

Regulation catch up: Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer

Moaning, groaning and howling; could be the grounds of any English football team but instead it’s a conference of small business bankers. The level of discontent is rattling the rows of polished glasses. A rather plump, red-faced executive picks away at his smoked fish while plucking the feathers of the unwanted seabirds who have recently taken … Continue reading "Regulation catch up: Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer"

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