Starting in Fintech – A graduate’s perspective

Handing in your final assignment at university sparks a range of emotions. Excitement, fear and relief stick hardest. Throughout the three years of University at Bristol, while balancing exams, social life and sport, I would occasionally contemplate what working life reality would involve. As graduation came, so did a hunger to dive head-first into the … Continue reading "Starting in Fintech – A graduate’s perspective"

One step at a time for UK SME tied to Europe

Britain, over the ages, has thrived as an outward economy. From the first and second centuries when Roman Cantiacorum (modern day Canterbury) exported agricultural products, oysters and metals to the continent right up to today when almost 200,000 businesses trade with the EU*, this island has always been a hive for European commerce. In more recent times, over … Continue reading "One step at a time for UK SME tied to Europe"

Banking: Forget the greed. Waste is the problem.

Lunch special: Politics of envy generously seasoned with populist condiment. Dish heated to boiling point. Fake news and emotional diatribe infused. All honest flavours lost. Any takers for idealist mush on toast? Unfortunately, yes. Far too many right now. As we approach a general election in the UK, the banker bashing anthem once again ring aloud … Continue reading "Banking: Forget the greed. Waste is the problem."

Financing Equipment using our technology – A funder’s perspective.

Today’s post looks at equipment finance from a funder’s perspective, an area that hasn’t been covered so far on the blog. This ties in with the analysis feature we launched the other day that looks at net returns, volatility and correlations of equipment funding and core asset classes. McKinsey and DB recently estimated an outstanding … Continue reading "Financing Equipment using our technology – A funder’s perspective."

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