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Let's get digital

by equipmentconnect

A totally digital asset finance service.

Sounds great, but what does it really mean?

After all, the breadth of businesses describing themselves or their products as 'digital' means that the term can be labelling a huge array of different offerings.

My asset finance provider already has e-signature, so aren't they digital?

In asset finance, an industry that has been slow to adapt to technology, many 'digital' services are limited to signing the final documents online.

It's great that so many providers appreciate the need for paperless processes - especially in the age of remote working. But the application of 'digital' to finance extends far beyond closing a document.

At Equipment Connect, our digital platform means that every step of the financing process takes place within our web app.

Digital: from first contact to final contract

Fast and paperless are just the beginning. An entire offering where equipment details, customisations, insurance and maintenance are selected and confirmed within an app and where transactions are hassle-free. No need to email docs. No back and forth.

By integrating our technology with different data sources, we ensure convenience for all three sides of the equipment marketplace: funder, vendor and equipment user.

Nobody wants a high street travel agent to book their package holiday on a computer. Why should it be different when sourcing and financing equipment? You want full control from beginning to end with a seamless flow of information between you, your vendor and your funder. That's what we do. Simple as.

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