Five pieces of equipment making their mark

Almost £95 billion of business equipment and machinery was sold in the UK last year. That includes everything from the mundane (telephones and coffee machines) to the much more imposing. Today we are going to look at five pieces of heavy machinery that make a mighty impression where ever they are put to work.


1.) So to start..   The Swiss are great at small precise engineering, right? I mean who doesn’t appreciate a classic Vacheron Constantin or a Jaeger LeCoultre? Well with their mighty Liebherr it seems the Swiss aren’t too bad at large, VERY LARGE precise engineering either.

The Liebherr T28 2B is the king of dump trucks and is aimed primarily at mining and infrastructure construction. The stats are kind of intimidating so sit tight. It can carry 400 metric tonnes and as for the engine.. well its a 3,650 horse power 90 litre V20. Thankfully doesn’t get involved in too much road rage.

“Find your own toy car! ”


2.) Less powerful on a visual level but actually helping to generate competitiveness for SME business across the country are some of the new breed of industrial printing presses.  There have been some breakthrough advances in the world of commercial printing machines in the past three or four years. In part this is because of new materials that offer chemical agility and in part because of leap like improvements with the censoring software (‘smart’ learning). Inkjet printing solutions can now provide printing close to Litho quality at immense speed.

Cannon, the same people who probably supplied you with the £89 printer you bought to use once a year, produce fantastic industrial presses. For example, their Oce JetStream 5500 Full Colour Inkjet Press is a fantastic set that offers both speed and quality with its output. It can print over 5400 A4 sized images per minute (yep, that’s like a 100 a second) and can offer up to 1200 dpi quality printing at 200 metre/min

“Read all about it..  Read all about it” Cannon Oce JetStream 5500 Full colour inkjet press.


3.) Next up, changing tack completely (pun not intended) is the largest fishing trawler in the world.

The Annelies llena (ex atlantis dawn) is an absolute monster.  144 metres long (think navy destroyer) she can carry 3000 tonnes of fuel and 7000 tonnes of fish and is able process some 300 tonnes each day. The trawler is so big it requires on board fork-lifts just to keep everything ticking over.

Pop eye would have had found his match with this beast…


4.) We next consider Proton Beam Machines:

These cutting edge medical equipment machines are used to treat various forms of cancer. They are incredibly focused with their energy and this allows doctors to pin point the battle against malignant cells and most importantly reduces the damage to surrounding healthy cells. Thus patients typically experience less side effects that with convention radiotherapy which employs x-rays.

Star Trek type technology at work in the leading US institutue, the Mayo Clinic.


5.)  To wrap up I want to finish off with two great examples of the construction crane. There is no piece of equipment that has done more to accelerate building and reduce safety than the modern crane. It’s versatility is unquestioned with a model to suit every job and the sheer metrics are awe inspiring. Here are examples firstly of the Liebherr 11200 9.1 mobile crane which after pulling up your driveway can extend 100 metres high and lift the equivalent weight of 700 cars.

Would have been quite the battering ram in medieval times..

5.) b. – And secondly in Shanghai, a stationary crane. 20,000 tonnes it lifts..  thats like 80 Airbus A380 aircraft in case you were wondering. No fat man could resist.


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