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Equipment we are excited to support in 2019.

by Eamonn McMahon

Notwithstanding the current political uncertainty there are a lot of reasons to be positive on the UK economy in 2019. Productivity is finally progressing forward, reflected in higher wages. We have a broader economy that is less dependent on services and SMEs are doing well, poised to benefit from new infrastructure and improved access to capital.

EquipmentConnect are excited to be working with some of the leading suppliers of industrial equipment in the UK and today, as we commence 2019 we would like to highlight some of the more interesting equipment our platform will finance at the point-of-sale this year.

Firstly we believe investment in Automated Guided Vehicles will really take off this year. Beyond the poster boys of logistics like Amazon and Ocado (check out the Ocado 'beehive' here... ) we are witnessing SMEs from various sectors increasingly automate their storage, packing and picking.

These new guided vehicles come in all shapes and sizes but the smart emphasis is on flexibility and it is atComau, a leader in robotics, automation and the digital economy that we are seeing the latest innovations being released at realistic price points. The Agile 1500 model is one such example.

This machine benefits from modular design and is sufficiently versatile (allows full reconfiguration) so that it can operate in various operating environments. It is industry 4.0 ready with comprehensive data connection options. It can carry up to 1.5 ton and moves at 1.5 metres per second. Impressive, no?

Secondly, industrial laser cutting units have traditionally been the preserve of larger manufacturers, because of their high capital cost and their significant upfront integration cost. PrimaPower who are a global leader in metal forming machinery are now selling their versatile and accessible Platino model that is suitable for SMEs across the UK.

The machine marketed as the 'The Laser for Everyone' is ideal for the full thickness range of tube cutting, and can work on metal sheets up to 2 x 4M.

Thirdly, effective metorology, is vital to ensure high productivity in the auto parts sector. Being able to access effective measurement equipment is absolutely critical.

Marposs, a leader in the field of metrology systems and machinery have developed the Optoquick range which assists SMEs in the Auto parts industry.

The machine uses the latest in optical measurement technology and ensures maximum accuracy in a stable and reliable environment. The machine is ideally used for guaging cam, crank, gear and drive shafts and other cylindrical parts.

That's are selection of cutting edge engineering equipment to start the year! All are available to finance on terms up to 72 months at

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