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Choosing the right CO2 laser machine for your business

by Grace Kneafsey

Focused Laser Systems supply high-quality, affordable CO2 laser machines to businesses across the UK. Their founder, Jake Osman, gave us his top tips when thinking about which machine to go for ⬇️

Which CO2 laser is right for my business?

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a CO2 laser.

To be able to evaluate which machine is best suited, you should first understand the intended application.You should also take into consideration potential new objectives on the horizon for your business. As after all, the purchase of a laser cutting system represents a major investment.

Everyone’s intended use and needs are different in some way, so it's always useful to speak to an adviser before making a decision.

Before purchasing a laser machine for your business, there are four questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. What do you want to do with the laser?
  2. Which materials do you want to process?
  3. Which laser power is the right one?
  4. How easy is it to use a laser for cutting and engraving?

What is the cost of a laser machine?

The cost of laser cutting machines varies greatly. At Focused Laser System our most affordable laser (the LaserTerch 3050) starts from £3041+VAT.

The main thing to remember is, it's important to find a suitable balance between your expected requirements and cost.

Maintenance costs

CO2 laser machines have various parts that need to be maintained and occasionally replaced. The most common and important to consider are:

  • Laser source (glass tube)
  • Mirrors and lenses

Co2 glass laser tubes

The lifetime of a laser tube can vary depending on many variables. Our co2 laser machines come with a Reci or EFR laser tube. Reci and EFR are well known reliable brands in the co2 laser tube industry, with impressive track records for reliability and consistency. The average lifetime of a glass laser tube is around 8000 hours under the proper operating conditions but this does vary depending on factors such as average temperature and wattage etc..

Laser lenses and laser mirrors

Mirrors and lenses will need to be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, stains and damage will always occur naturally over time, so you will have to replace the mirror or lens at some point. A good indicator of when to start thinking about a replacement would be noticing your cutting or engraving quality isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be, even when the laser alignment is spot on. We would always recommend keeping a set of mirrors and a spare lens in stock, so when the time does come to replace them you’ll be prepared.

Ongoing maintenance

Investing in a maintenance package can be a great idea to keep your machine running and avoid any sudden surprises. At Focused Laser Systems, we offer a range of plans to suit every customer need (from £982/year to £1620/year) and not only cover machines purchased from us, but can provide a service & ongoing maintenance to most existing machines.

Will the laser do what I need it to do?

Are you purchasing a laser to engrave or cut a particular material/product?We'd always advise talking to your supplier to make sure your machine is best suited to the very specific application.

At Focused Laser Systems we're always more than happy to test out products & materials for our customers to make sure what they want to achieve is possible.

Focused Laser Systems are a national distributor for many leading brands of CO2 laser machine. Check them out on the Equipment Connect marketplace.

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