Agriculture and food - A pillar of the UK economy

UK agriculture is largely mechanised and as a result, highly efficient. Between 1979 and 2010, productivity grew by 49%. Importantly, UK agriculture benefits from greater diversification than most other European countries ensuring a stable annual contribution to the UK economy of over £10 billion of GVA.

Modern equipment: The base for scalable profit

Be it installing the latest automated feeding system for poultry farming, or acquiring more fuel efficient combine harvesters, it is essential that farmers are able to easily finance equipment. We are here to support farming of all kinds, from arable farming in East Anglia to dairy farming in NI to sheep farming in Wales.

How we can support your business:

  • We challenge ourselves to be flexible and we always look to put a solution in front of you. We are commercial people with a can-do attitude so please reach out at 020 3950 1545 when you are ready to talk.
  • With rates from 5.95% APR and turn-around times of less than 12 hours we can equip your business so it is ready to deliver.
  • We appreciate that changes within the industry are happening. Many of these changes are driven by changes to environmental and energy legislation which are also opening up multiple different revenue streams and options for Agricultural and food firms. We want to work with you to make the most of these opportunities.
  • We offer finance for a wide range of equipment within the Agri and Food sectors through building key partnerships with leading suppliers all around the UK. We want to help businesses through the current wave of change to grow and become industry-leaders in their sector.

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Agricultural and food processing equipment that we finance:

Alpine Tractors, Agile Tractors (sub 250 HP) Tractors, Large Tractors (250HP+)
Dairy Equipment
Milking parlour equipment, Feeding equipment, Holding pens, Pasture toppers, Fertiliser applicators, Paddle feeder, Tub feeder
Tillage equipment
Ploughing machines, Seed planting machines
Slurry and muck handling
Slurry tanks, Slurry applicators
Food Equipment
Food processing equipment, Machine tools, Mechanical Presses, Industrial ovens, Industrial Mixers, Industrial fryer lines, L Sealers, Flow wrappers,
Livestock Equipment
Livestock Trailers, Mixer Feeders, Scales, Sweep and Corral Systems, Grain Vacuum, Grain Storage Systems
Combine Harvesters, Forage, Headers
Planting Equipment
Seed and Grain Drills, Subsoilers
Hay and Forage Equipment
Mower Conditioners/Windrowers, Bailers, Flail Mowers/Hedge Cutters, Rakes/Tedders, Todders, Bail Accumulator/Mowers

NEWS UPDATE: Farmers are concerned at land conversion.

Anderson's Outlook on Farming in 2020

Starting a farm? What equipment will you need?

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