Starting in Fintech – A graduate’s perspective

Handing in your final assignment at university sparks a range of emotions. Excitement, fear and relief stick hardest. Throughout the three years of University at Bristol, while balancing exams, social life and sport, I would occasionally contemplate what working life reality would involve. As graduation came, so did a hunger to dive head-first into the business world.

Despite having a general curiosity for innovation and technology, the phrases ‘Start-up’ and ‘Fintech’ were merely whispers during my study years, as case studies and assignments were focused on larger corporations. It wasn’t until returning home that I really discovered the essence of Fintech, a friend who had recently joined a start-up explained how technology could really shake up the bureaucratic and slow world of financial services. The more I delved into the industry, the more I appreciated the real difference fintech was making for everyday people and small business across the UK. Keen to have some have some action on the pitch, I applied and interviewed for several fintech positions.

After considering several options, I joined EquipmentConnect, a new startup applying technology and capital markets efficiency to equipment finance. Going forward there is no down-time, no deadline extensions and sadly, no dull professor to blame.

My first week has been busy and insightful. I visited Interplas (the UK’s leading plastics industry event) at the NEC Birmingham and created a database on manufacturers that appeared at the event. Other tasks included planning and posting on social media sites and developing  our marketing strategy.

I have never been more excited to learn from an inspiring and diverse group of people. I feel the support from my team and I am thrilled to be surrounded by motivated individuals at the Makerversity campus. Being involved so early in EquipmentConnect’s journey is going to be a challenging but extremely rewarding and I look forward to celebrating the large and small triumphs together.

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